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Entrepreneurs and Small businesses are the foundation of every economy, yet there are virtually almost no platforms for proper entrepreneurship training and mentoring for these economic builders to strengthen their foundations and leave little or no room for failure.

The Impact Series is an innovative program by Effe Towers, that provides customized mentorship, resources, and how-to education to young entrepreneurs and small business owners within and across Africa. The program focuses on providing education and mentorship in areas that are most crucial to business success, such as Business Development, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, IT, Leadership, etc.

We are on a crusade to help as many businesses and young entrepreneurs as possible by supporting them with world-class entrepreneurship training and access to networks of mentors.

The Impact So Far

The Impact Series is a moving train on a journey of building and impacting change driving businesses and entrepreneurs.


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Here’s what entrepreneurs have had to say about our training programs.

Thank you so much Effe Towers I want to appreciate your efforts for offering to teach and offer values for free. Everything we learnt during the last month Cohorts was very helpful and useful. Get to study other course online and find out that the lessons is standard for every business that want to succeed globally. And what you guys taught us some of those things weren't in those courses I took. Thank YOU so much once again.

Samuel Godwin

I am a participant of the May cohorts training and honestly the experience is beyond words. The training is totally exceptional, I would totally venture into something like this over and over

Adeyemi Faith

This is an awesome time spent learning more about business and how to build resilient businesses in a time in the history of Nigeria. This training in my opinion is underrated. Thank you, Efe Towers for planning and organizing this training. 🙌

Nnaemeka Nwangene

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The Impact Series is designed to provide holistic training, education, and mentorship for entrepreneurs on areas most crucial to every business’s success, such as Business Development, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, IT, Leadership, etc.

Depending on the training program and the goal for the cohort, the Impact Series entrepreneurship training can either hold virtually or onsite.

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The Effe Towers Impact Hub is an online community where entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders connect and share knowledge, resources, and everything needed to help each other grow in the business and startup space, to build an economic buoyant ecosystem.