Turn your Hobby, Skill, & Talent into a Successful Business

The event was free business training that aimed to help individuals learn how to turn their hobbies, skills, and talents into profitable businesses. The training was designed to provide attendees with practical and actionable insights on how to position their hobby, skill, or talent as a solution for a market, craft a unique value proposition that stood out, and design a business model that was sustainable and scalable.

During the training, attendees learned how to identify their target market and understand their needs, how to create a unique selling proposition that differentiated their business from the competition, how to develop a pricing strategy, and how to create a business model that aligned with their goals and objectives.

The training also included a free business modeling tool that attendees could use to design their business model, understand the financial aspects of their business, and make informed decisions based on data and analysis.

Overall, the training was designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to turn their hobby, skill, or talent into a successful business.