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Before the early and mid-’90s, every business operated from a brick-and-mortar location and it was almost impossible to see a business without a known physical location for customers to access them. All of these changed with the inception of the internet and especially during the dot com era. Businesses began to make their services available online and the model bricks and clicks were popularized. More recently, some businesses have fully adopted the click-only model (online store only).

It is still kind of surprising that two decades after the revolutionization of business by the internet, many businesses and business owners still do not see the need for owning a business website or conducting their business online. Well, the purpose of this blog is to highlight some clear reasons why it is important for your business to have a website, and how this will benefit your business.

Importance of a website to your business

  1. It Shows Professionalism & Credibility

Because a website has now become a standard for indicating professionalism by many, and because clients only buy from those they consider professionals and they can trust with providing solutions for their problems. You want a website to build this perception among your prospective customers, and to operate competitively in your market.

2. It Communicates Your Brands Message & Services

Buying is largely an emotional activity than it is logical. People buy from brands they feel emotionally connected and attracted to. With a website, you can continuously create an emotional connection with your target audience through your messaging and interaction with their needs.

3. Unlimited Visibility

The internet brought about the concept of globalization, and with a website, you can showcase and conduct business with a global audience, on a global scale without any limitation by space or geography.

4. Unlimited Sales

This advantage is unique to businesses selling products. With e-commerce, there is no downtime on sales. Your sales are not affected by closing time or weather, sales become a process that happens 24/7 365 days in your business. Your only responsibility becomes to fulfill the orders coming in from your website.

5. Lead Generating Vehicle

One of the most important functions of a website to a business is that it serves as an inbound lead-generating vehicle. When customers make online searches relating to your business your website appears and after interacting with your website, they can either contact you via your contact channels on the website, or they could register for one or more services on your website.

6. Increased Marketing

One of the many benefits of a website is that it can help in marketing your business to an unlimited amount of clients in very cost-effective means like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or far more reaching methods like Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

7. Uninterrupted Customer Support

Unlike with a physical brick and mortar store where customer support goes off when the business closes or in some highly cost-dependent cases where 24-hour shifts are maintained. With the use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Chatbots on your website, you can run an uninterrupted customer support system where customers can get information about your solution from already presented templates in the FAQs on your website or chatbots any time and day.

These are just a few of the many benefits of developing a website for your business. In case you are yet to establish a digital footprint for your business with a website may be because you simply don’t see the need, or had no idea of the importance I hope this blog post has been able to convince you to think otherwise?

You have seen the importance and you are ready to get an online store for your business, it is important you get it done rightly with professionals who can give you value for your money. You can contact us at Effe Towers to design and build for your business a professional website that communicates your brand message effectively and will bring an increase in revenue and a positive ROI for your business.

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